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Disaster Assistance


WESTPAS is available to provide disaster assistance to libraries, archives, museums, historical societies and other cultural institutions. Institutions are encouraged to call for assistance as soon as possible. The emergency toll-free number 888-905-7737 will connect you with a disaster response specialist. Phone consultation is provided at no charge. If phone consultation is not sufficient, on-site assistance may be arranged with a local consultant.
To prepare your institution for emergency situations, please take the following actions: 

  • Write or update a disaster plan that includes response for collections
  • Make sure all staff know the first steps to take when an emergency arises
  • Compile an up-to-date telephone list for staff, including home and cell numbers
  • Be prepared to handle the most likely threats, based on the past history of the building and location
  • Train staff in-house or by having them attend a disaster preparedness workshop

To become better prepared and to train staff, take advantage disaster preparedness workshops offered by WESTPAS, and funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Please direct non-emergency inquiries about disaster assistance and other preservation services to info@westpas.org.